Mayor Cantrell Addresses City Services and Social Issues with First Executive Orders

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor LaToya Cantrell signed her first four executive orders, closing out her third week in office with a series of moves designed to improve the function of the City of New Orleans while working to ensure safety.

“With these executive orders I am reaffirming my commitment to work tirelessly to improve the welfare of the people of New Orleans, whether in addressing critical social issues or in ensuring efficient and effective delivery of City services,” said Mayor Cantrell.

Executive Order LC 18-01 creates a Procurement Office inside the Department of Finance to ensure more efficient, inclusive and transparent procedures for City contracting.

Executive Order LC 18-02 establishes the Office of Youth and Families, to address persistent issues related to health care, education and inclusion, and to strengthen the well-being of New Orleans’ youth — 37% of whom live in poverty.

Executive Order LC 18-03 establishes a Gun Violence Reduction Council that will serve as an advisory committee for the Mayor to develop innovative approaches to reduce gun violence, which accounts for 90% of murders each year in New Orleans.

Executive Order LC 18-04 establishes a Mayor’s Office of Utilities, which will monitor, regulate and enforce utility franchise agreements.

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