Mayor Cantrell Announces ‘Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness’ Plan to clear some Past-Due Accounts

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Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the City of New Orleans’ Department of Finance today announced the launch of the three-month Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program for residents to take advantage of incentives to clear past-due accounts with parking and camera tickets, sales and hotel/motel taxes, code enforcement violations, and library fees. From June 3, 2019, to Sept. 3, 2019, residents will be allowed in certain circumstances to pay fees without penalties or additional fees in order to get a fresh start when paying for City services.

“It’s all about our residents being able to pay fines and fees or penalties that will be forgiven over the next three months,” Mayor Cantrell said.

“We are very excited to work together with several departments to facilitate a program that gives our city and residents a fresh start. The amnesty program will meet our residents where they are and help them clean the slate as it relates to past due accounts,” Chief Financial Officer Norman White said. “We believe this is a win-win for the city and our residents.”

For general information, call the hotline at (504) 658-2019 or dial 3-1-1. Learn more about the program by visiting this link:


The City of New Orleans is offering a limited opportunity to pay delinquent parking and/or photo safety citations without late penalties. This means anyone who owes money for parking tickets more than 30 days old, or photo safety citations more than 60 days past due will be able to pay them, minus any late fees. This opportunity to get amnesty will last from June 3-Sept. 3, 2019. This offer does not apply to any late penalties paid before or after the program’s time frame. All previously paid late fees are non-refundable and full penalties and interest will be assessed after midnight on Sept. 3rd.


You may pay by phone. For parking tickets call (504) 525-0088. For camera tickets call (504) 658-8082. Or, you may pay online between June 3-Sept. 3rd. You may also pay in person at the following locations, City Hall: 1300 Perdido St. (Adjudication Bureau) or City Auto Pound: 400 N. Claiborne Ave.

For more, visit:


The City of New Orleans is giving business owners and operators the chance to support the Cantrell Administration’s initiatives to help you pay your “Fair Share.”

This is your opportunity to settle your delinquent tax accounts, by only paying the base tax amount due and a portion of the interest. You may obtain amnesty on outstanding sales, use, hotel/motel, parking, alcoholic beverage gallonage, occupational license taxes and various permits without penalty, negligence and only 50 percent interest. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE PROPERTY TAXES OF ANY KIND.


In person: taxpayers must make an appointment with the Bureau of Revenue. Provide gross sales information for months under consideration. Taxpayers must be ready to pay all delinquencies qualified under the Amnesty period.


If you are new to the City of New Orleans EGov site, please setup your profile, add your account number and the City will approve the request within 24 hours. You will receive an email confirmation once you are approved to file your return.

Additionally, as an existing business, you should have received an Amnesty letter detailing your liability. The letter contains a coupon code which is a requirement to file online and receive the discounted tax calculation. Please make sure to have the letter and coupon code ready when you go online to pay.


If you do not have a City of New Orleans Revenue account number, you will need to make an appointment with the Bureau of Revenue to get registered.


The City of New Orleans will only accept certified funds for payment, this includes cashier’s checks and money orders. The City will make available a spreadsheet to help you calculate your liability to obtain the amount to submit in certified funds.

For more, visit:

Or call (504) 658-1TAX (1829) or (504) 658-1637, or email


The Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program for Code Enforcement is a limited opportunity for owners of properties previously found in violation of the Code of the City of New Orleans Chapter 26 Minimum Property Maintenance standards to satisfy liens at a reduced cost.

During Code Enforcement Amnesty, upon successful correction of all violations, reductions of $100.00 per violation (plus administrative cost) will be applied to fines with proof of abatement of all violations. Actual costs such as demolition cost, grass cutting fees or administrative costs cannot be waived.


Submit this form, with the following attached documents:

Proof of ownership copy of all recorded liens to be considered and current photographs showing each corrected violation.

For more info, visit this link: or call (504) 658-4346, and a Code Enforcement representative will assist you.


The New Orleans Public Library is offering a one-time fine and fee waiver for any outstanding fine and fees up to $100. Cardholders with outstanding fines and/or fees can come into any library branch between June 3-Sept. 3rd and receive the one-time waiver. New Orleans Public Library recognizes that fines and fees can be a barrier to members of the community seeking essential library services. The Public Library serves all members of the New Orleans community and hopes that this program will welcome community members back to the library.


Bring a picture ID or Library Card to any New Orleans Public Library Branch between June 3-September 3rd. Ask about the Amnesty Late Fee Forgiveness Program at any library service desk. Cardholders can bring any outstanding library materials to return fine free. Each cardholder only gets one waiver during the program.

For more info, visit this link:

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