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NEW ORLEANS – This week New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell signed an ordinance expanding school zone eligibility to include high schools, going from the existing grades K – 7 to now grades K – 12. This will allow for the installation of signage, designated crosswalks, street striping, and other traffic control devices at all elementary and secondary schools in the city.

“Public safety, specifically the safety of our children prompted my administration to request this ordinance,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in traffic incidents and fatalities around our city. The City of New Orleans is taking bold action to remain proactive to ensure these incidents do not occur at or near our educational institutions. Every student, regardless of whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school deserves equitable safe access to and from school. I’d like to remind all drivers to please be mindful on our streets, share them with cyclists and pedestrians, and take extra precautions when traveling through school zones.”

“I am pleased to sponsor this ordinance that adds high schools, grades 8 – 12, to the existing list of schools that protect their students, with enhanced safety markings and signage and lighting near the schools,” said Councilmember Eugene Green, Chair of the Transportation Committee. “All schools will now have signage and markers that note appropriate speed limits and clearly notify drivers of the need to be more cautious. Some streetlights will also be installed. This is a necessary investment in the protection that all youth attending school deserve, to ensure their safe arrivals and departures from school. I commend the Cantrell Administration and the Department of Public Works for their commitment to increasing pedestrian safety at all our schools. As the City Council Transportation Committee Chairman, I look forward to continuing work with the Mayor and my fellow Council members to increase road safety for pedestrians and drivers.”

DPW anticipates the full implementation of this new ordinance by the start of 2024 – 2025 academic year.

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