My 3 Favorite Ways to Use Alcohol-Free Gel on Natural Hair

I discovered alcohol-free gel for natural hair approximately three years ago when I began my natural hair journey. Growing up, I always used gel to style my hair whether natural or straightened. It was my go-to product when I had absolutely no idea what to do with my hair so my last resort was slicking it back. Unfortunately, I was not aware of the difference between gels that contained alcohol and those that didn’t. As a result, my hair would become quite dry and brittle after several uses of gel that contained alcohol. As a veteran natural, I now only use gel that is alcohol-free and it has become a staple amongst my many beauty products. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to use gel to do anything from style to maintaining my natural curl.
1. Sleek Buns – Gel is perfect for slicking down those pesky fly-away curls that won’t lay down in a cute high/low bun style. I use the Eco Styler Line to give me a lasting hold all day. I tend to use a lot because my hair is thick. Luckily, this gel doesn’t harden too much to have your hair feeling like a rock.
2. Baby Hairs – The little hairs that frame your hairline are very in-style right now and a little alcohol-free gel is perfect to get them to lay down. However, for some textures, using just gel to lay them down may only work temporarily but a light gel may be a little safer than using a stickier substance that may damage your hairline if used too often.
3. Curl Definition – Sometimes I really enjoy an undefined fro but when I want to have ultra-defined ringlets and kinks, I use some gel to give my hair a sleeker look. After washing my hair, I apply my Eco-Styler Gel in small sections all over my head until it is fully immersed. I let it dry overnight and then wash it out in the morning. This washes out the hardened gel cast and leaves my curls defined. I like to use a diffuser to dry my hair or let it air dry.
Happy Growing!

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