New Xavier/WBOK Partnership

WBOK Station Owners Troy Henry, Cleveland Spears, III a representative from Ray Brandt Automotive Group, and owners Wendell Pierce and Jeff Thomas.

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NEW ORLEANS— WBOK Radio continues its mission to be an outlet, giving voice to the African American community of New Orleans and beyond with its suite of programs that are of both local and national interests. African Americans in New Orleans.

This great history is now merged with one of another great institution for African Americans, Xavier University.

Dr. Reynold Verret, Xavier’s President remarked, “Not only has WBOK been an important messenger of the Black experience but also the actions for just equity in the City. It resonates very much with the interest of students and faculty at Xavier.”

Verret joined folks on hand Friday afternoon to herald not only a move of the station to the campus, but also a partnership with the school’s Communications Department.

The reception was filled with a who’s who of leaders from the Black community.

Equity Media owns WBOK. Actor Wendell Pierce is also a part of the ownership group and flew in from Budapest to attend.

Pierce spoke as to the goals of the station through this partnership, “This is a place that we are giving voice to all those who have a vision and think that they can’t actually get there. We’ll give them a way to get there. At least discuss the ways to give them the tolls and resources to get there and I think that’s really important.”

WBOK Host Oliver Thomas said, “It’s a great opportunity, especially what we know now about media and disparities. When we talk about money and opportunity. A great opportunity to come out of this Pandemic and move forward.”

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