#NoUmBow International Virtual Carnival 2021

Bringing Together the "Carnival Communities" of New Orleans, Brazil and Trinidad

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief

This year the Black Masking Injun Community of New Orleans that is affectionately known as the Mardi Gras Indians, will “Come Out” Virtually for the 1st time in History. COVID-19 have changed the lives of many, but the spirit of a people and their Carnival Tradition continues, not just in New Orleans, but across the globe.

This year Carnival activities will be viewed on Pay-Per-View via http://www.blackmasking.org filmed at private locations. This will give the world the opportunity to witness the splendor, pageantry and rich Carnival traditions of New Orleans, Brazil, and Trinidad.

These historical” International Events” will take place from Lundi Gras Feb 15th thru Easter Sunday, April 4th.

“We are connecting the Carnival Diaspora from Trinidad and Brazil to New Orleans. We are Live Streaming to all three countries and more as we build an economic infrastructure via Blackmasking.org’s International Carnival MarketPlace (debut is St. Joseph night). Our Mission through these four events is to showcase the Carnival Culture of New Orleans,” says Glenn “Chayil” Jones, CEO of Beulah Productions and the producer of the event.

This series of events places the tradition of the Black Masking (Mardi Gras Indians) in its proper context as part of the African Diaspora and is a bridge that connects these Carnival traditions.

“For too long the Carnival Culture has taken a backseat to Mardi Gras. To the point we forget that we are part of a much bigger community and much greater history than we realize. These events are geared towards showing the similarities between New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro via our Carnival Ambassador Mestre Curtis Pierre. He has bridged the gap for us linguistically, historically as well as providing the Number 1 and 2 Brazilian Clubs Presidents to participate in our St. Joseph Night live stream, but also brought in Grammy winning Samba artist Neguinho da Beija- Flor. I believe the cultural exchange will be invaluable to all Carnival communities as well as the on-demand audience.”

Jones believes that bringing these carnival traditions together to tell the collective story of a people and to create opportunities for cultural exchange is not only important, but necessary in a world that today is more global than ever.

“We came together to give a voice to our communities’ culture and traditions and to not let the Government or Disease stop us. In doing so we were given an olive branch to Trinidad and Brazil. Now Internationally we as “The Carnival Community” are saying it together. NoUmBoW! We pray that all who hear of these events and participate in these events have that same understanding and spirit. As a One of Kind experience, we believe all ages will enjoy and be enriched by this Virtual International Carnival.”
For More Information go to:

Eventbrite, @blackmaskingnola or Blackmasking.org tickets are on sale now.

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