Phenomenal Women of New Orleans

Edwin Buggage
Editor-in-Chief Data News Weekly

Celebrating Excellence
The late great Maya Angelou wrote a poem entitled Phenomenal Woman. Today these two words describe the aspirations and achievements of women across the globe. Moreover, New Orleans is a place where women are making the mark, sealing their legacies, and inspiring the next generation of young girls to aspire to greatness.While their numbers are many, Data News Weekly, in honor of Women’s History Month is featuring four amazing ladies from New Orleans, who embody the qualities of Phenomenal Women.


In the Spirit of Excellence 
“Women’s History Month should be celebrated every month; I also feel this way about Black History Month. I believe that all people should be included in narratives of excellence that inspire future generations to follow,” says District B City Councilmember Lesli Harris, who is an attorney, who also served as Chief of Staff at Loyola University.

Today as we watch history unfold, as many women are breaking through the glass ceilings and showing the world, they have the necessary tools to lead.

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