Queens on Thrones

Dionne Character Data News Weekly Columnist

Chile, I feel like I have been walking through Jerusalem carrying the cross Jesus was nailed upon as the hot sand tormented my leather flip flops from the realities of this cold world. But—I am Woman, I was built to endure pain like burnt trees facing an uphill fire on mountain tops where intuition and wisdom dwell like Queens on Thrones, ready to save the universe with wide hips thick like colored rainbows in the midst of storms unprotected by mother nature.

Our power is the only source that can save the world in this state of confusion — we must challenge small minded men with microscopic ideas as we tap into our feminine power acknowledging that we raise Kings and if there’s gonna be a battle it will be with us, we who have conquered a many of combats as we will not allow history to repeat itself for we are the rise of nature and without women, this world will fall to its demise because we are the root to humanity.

Now, is the time that all women must come down from their thrones to save the universe from men with gavels pounding on soundless tables doing us no good. Now, is the time that we must all grab our black leggings and congregate at kitchen tables sipping on green tea, cooling our spirits with Christian fans at the speed of hummingbirds, as we march like mothers of churches reaching back to the praying days when women spoke and everyone listened because clearly, the universe is FEMALE!

It’s time we all rise tall wearing our heavy crowns like the benediction has been read aloud across the universe, realizing that we are free enough to make a difference. We are free enough to give the world a glimpse of how powerful we are in numbers. We are Queens on Thrones.

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