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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Wins 2020 Presidential Election Making History

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America Votes
In an America that’s experienced the divisiveness of the last four years; this election season is one where the soul of the nation and Democracy’s been tested. In this U.S. Presidential Election, it is estimated that 150 million people voted. And after several days of counting votes in key battleground states the race was called and it was former Vice-President Joe Biden who was declared the winner.

His historic win is also an important step forward, as the nation also elected Kamala Harris, who is the first woman of any race to hold the post of Vice-President, but this holds special significance to African Americans. In his acceptance speech President-Elect Joe Biden spoke of bringing down the temperature and begin healing the nation and extinguishing the flames of a divided America.

A New Chapter for America
Today this is more important than ever as a nation begins the process of possibly turning the page on a dark chapter in its history. But the question becomes for this nation is how do we get there? What is necessary for the United States to becoming a nation where “We the People” means all people are not just created, but treated equally?

When looking at this last presidency, we have to ask ourselves how did we get here as a nation where incivility became an acceptable part of our discourse. How did we as a nation get to Charlottesville, the Killing of George Floyd and so many others by the hands of police where the aftermath brought us to a moment where people from all walks of life decided that Black Lives Matter?

Now that the election is over a nation must ask itself how do we heal and whose responsibility is it to reach that end?

On Becoming a More Perfect Union in Changing Times
While people across the nation are celebrating the end of a reign of a leader in former President Trump, the rhetoric he spewed resonated with so many in White Americans. This means that we still have work to do to truly become one America. We must get past the racism, xenophobia, sexism, and other isms that keep this nation from being a more perfect union.

The time has come for real conversations about who we are and where we are headed as a country that’s changing demographics by 2050 where it is estimated that the country will no longer be majority White. To some this is a daunting thought, but it is important to note that this could present an opportunity for a diverse nation to utilize this as a competitive advantage in a world that is more global than ever.

Kamala Harris and Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Kamala Harris is making history as the first woman of color to hold the seat of Vice President, but this has been a long time coming in a nation that’s excluded women from reaching their full potential. To be marginalized meant that many who had the ability to achieve at a high level was not realized because of the sexism that was and still is pervasive in this nation. Yes, we have come a long way in this regard, but the road to full gender equity is still unrealized in the U.S. and around the globe.

In this the 21st Century let’s ask ourselves where could we be as a country if it was more inclusive in extending opportunities to all in the society? The time has come for this to be the norm, and as Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris stated in her acceptance speech, “I may be the first, but I will not be the last.” This is where we need to be when it comes to progress by expanding access to the lanes of opportunities for all. For it is what makes Democracy not only a goal, but possible.

The Making and Maintaining of a Democracy Begins and Ends with its Citizens
America is still in a state of uncertainty to what it will be in these divided times, but the job of the President is to set the tone for the country. Donald Trump brought out the worst in many and was the lighter fluid that made the flames of intolerance and incivility worse.

President-Elect Biden, hopefully can set the tone for healing, but not just in rhetoric, but in the reality of polices that matter and impact people who need the most help in these uncertain times with a pandemic as well the historic problems that’s been with us in leveling the playing field of access to opportunities.

In truth, that is all he can do. The heavy lifting of making our neighborhoods, cities, states, and nation better places to live is our responsibility. To be decent and civil is our responsibility. To realize we are on the same team as Americans is our responsibility and to finally realize we are all equal in the family of humanity is now.
In these times as people around the nation are celebrating the United States making history, but it is important to remember the changing of history is in our hands as citizens. And this election where more people voted than in any in U.S. history is proof that that the power of voting matters in shaping the direction of our Democracy.

President Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris.

Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris is making history as the first woman to hold the office of the Vice-President. This is of special significance because she is a woman of color.

Many have fought for the right to vote and Americans came out in record numbers in this election.

The fight for Democracy is not over as the nation grapples with healing after a contentious election.

People from all walks of life celebrated in the streets upon hearing the announcement that Joe Biden had won the Presidency.

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