Saints Leads the NFC South in Mid-Season

Drew Brees, is leading a Saints team who is leading the NFC South Division during mid season and is in contention again to win its division.

Fleur De Lis Data News Weekly Columnist

What’s up NOLA, this is Fleur De Lis giving you the news in Black and Gold. It is the middle of the season and who would have thought that “Dem Boys” would be on top of their division.

The Saints are showing that they again are poised to be a force to be reckoned with and is one of the best team in the NFL.
The Saints are now 6-2 and leading the NFC South after a beating division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by future Hall of Famer Tom Brady.

Drew Brees showed that he is arguably the best quarterback of his generation. Also, this season the team is doing it on both sides of the ball. In this last game they shut down Brady and the high-powered Bucs offense and when the game was over the scoreboard read 38-3.

Of course, this is a different type of season with COVID-19, where the Who Dat Nation cannot be inside the dome cheering on the Saints, but wherever we are catching the game we are cheering them on in what is becoming a great season.

Win or lose we celebrate in New Orleans but winning always feels better. You know we love to dance, last year it was Choppa Style and after this victory the team danced in the locker room including Coach Sean Payton. We see ya Coach!

Today in the mid-point of the season we are hoping to see the Black and Gold get all the way to the Super Bowl.

Even during COVID-19 we will continue to be the best fans in the world whether we are in the dome or not.

So, until next time, this Fleur De Lis signing off. Go Who Dat!

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