Shaun Mena Wins the Race for State Representative District 23

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief Data News Weekly

In a significant victory, Shaun Mena was victorious in the race for State Representative District 23. In his first run for Political Office, he was able to build a coalition of varying interests across the district that includes Mid-City, Bayou St. John, Gert Town, Hollygrove, and parts of the 7th Ward.

The election had a considerably low turnout across the city and state where other key races also took place. But Mena was able to show that a local-born candidate has what it takes to build a broad base of support between longtime residents and newcomers to the city. This is important to note because the district has representation that understands all sides of the issues important to the various stakeholders in the district.

Throughout the campaign, Mena emphasized key campaign themes, such as economic policies, healthcare, education, crime, etc. The campaign also saw him earn key endorsements across the spectrum of interest groups. This is key if he is to govern with a focus on building bridges around the issues that matter the most to the constituents of the district.

Family, friends, and supporters were on hand for the watch party that saw him earn the trust of the voters in a convincing victory. In his speech, he noted that in these divisive times, it is important that people can come together to get things done. This is what his campaign represented, one that built bridges between parties, interest groups, and racial and socioeconomic groups. Now, that he is preparing to take office, attention now turns to his upcoming initiatives, and challenges he might face. In a state legislature that is majority Republican, the Louisiana State Democratic Party is bolstered by this win.

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