Suits Actor and New Orleans Native Wendell Pierce Denied Housing in New York Over Race

Shahana Yasmin

Wendell Pierce has revealed that his application for an apartment in New York’s Harlem was denied allegedly because of his race.

“For those of you who don’t understand my righteous anger; I’m on 2 TV series, ELSBETH and RAISING KANAN. I’m filming SUPERMAN. Two years ago, I finished the fourth season of JACK RYAN. Last year I finished a run on Broadway in DEATH OF A SALESMAN,” his post read.

“Even with my proof of employment, bank statements and real estate holdings, a White apartment owner DENIED my application to rent the apartment … in Harlem, of all places.

“Racism and bigots are real. There are those who will do anything to destroy life’s journey for Black folks. When you deny our personal experiences, you are as vile and despicable.”

A recent decision by a US appeals court blocked a Black-owned venture capitalist firm from awarding grants exclusively to Black women entrepreneurs. The court said the grants would violate Title 42 of the US Code, which “ensures equal rights under the law and prohibits the use of race when awarding and enforcing contracts”

Pierce shared a link to the story on his social media the next day, adding in the post: “While I appreciate the response to my own personal experience of discrimination in housing, I only mentioned it as an example of the insidious nature of bigotry. This court decision is profoundly more disturbing and injurious. CALL TO ACTION.”

In a separate thread posted on Tuesday, Pierce wrote more about the appeals court decision: “The law was put in place to protect former slaves from discrimination. Edward Blum, an opponent of affirmative action, has argued its text means that race can’t be considered at all in contractual relationships. Private funding blocked by the courts. NOT TAX DOLLARS.”

“Private investment into Black businesses being blocked with laws in place to prevent discrimination against Black businesses. The racist irony. Racist, bigoted, fascist Americans who burned down Black Wall Street in Tulsa 100 years ago are still alive and well.

“The effort being made to deny Black folks from participating in ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ is abhorrent. A private business deal blocked by the courts. What happened to less government intervention in our lives.”

Pierce is best known for his role as Detective Bunk Moreland in The Wire and played lawyer Robert Zane in Suits. He will soon be seen as Perry White in James Gunn’s new DC Universe with the release of Superman in 2025.

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