Why You Should Embrace the Frizz

I love wearing my hair out and curly but there is one thing that I absolutely cannot avoid. Frizz. My hair has natural frizz that keeps my curls from forming perfect spirals. I can usually get most of my hair to form its beautiful curls and spirals with the many oils, gels, and butters that I can plaster on it. However, I often notice that not all of my hair will obey me at once. To get most of my hair to be totally defined, I have to do a prolonged deep conditioning, be very precise in how I apply my hair product, and let it totally air dry without my hair touching any wind.

However, instead of forcing my hair to have a uniform curl throughout, I embrace my curls as they are which includes the frizz. I can wear a variety of styles with frizz included which includes fluffy afro puffs, thick buns, and a soft-to-the-touch wash and go. The natural frizz in my hair allows it to look more natural and effortless. I don’t want to look like I actually spent 2 to 3 hours trying to comb product through my hair, so I let my natural frizz come through.

Leaving your hair to be a bit frizzy adds movement, volume, and softness. A completely gelled down look may force your hair to look stiff and crunchy to the touch. Although your frizz may be minimal after applying gel, your curls and kinks won’t flow together on their own accord. Frizz creates volume which can be a plus for naturals with thinner hair.

So, embrace every imperfection in your natural hair because that is what makes your crown of glory unique. No two naturals are the same and the amount of frizz that you prefer in your hair is up to you. However, if frizz keeps crawling up on you during hair styling or daily wear, embrace all the beautiful things that your curls and kinks can do. Being natural requires the appreciation of imperfection.

Happy Growing!

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