The Future and Meaning of Sports During COVID-19

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The Future and Meaning of Sports During COVID-19
What’s up NOLA. The NBA returned to play after several months because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In a re-opening of the season we got to take a look at Zion Williamson and our New Orleans Pelicans. I gotta keep it real, they don’t look too good, and it is going to take a major turnaround for them to get to this year’s play-offs.

I have to say it is a different experience watching the games in what is a season like no other. It’s had a real impact on viewing sports in general in my view. I like others love watching sports, but without the “real” sounds of fans, or the hometown crowds cheering them on inside the arenas something is missing in these games.

Pretty soon we will be embarking on the NFL season where our Saints will be playing under some different protocols as well. While it won’t be the NBA bubble, ask yourself what will happen with tailgating and the crowds of people who come together to root on the black and gold? These things are as important as the games themselves.

Sports is more than the winning and losing of teams playing but serves a larger social purpose and is a way for people to gather and express local pride and spend time with friends, family and loved ones.

It will be interesting to think back on experiencing sports in 2020, where social messages are on the field and on jerseys. That is a good thing, but with fewer or in some cases no fans we have to consider what impact it would have.

Ask yourselves, when all the players are taking a knee, or wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts; what would that look and feel like with a crowd in the stands?

Thinking of this moment in history being measured by crowds of people deciding to make a statement surrounding social justice at a sporting event. This is something that would be impactful on a different level. But what we are treated to while significant, is in some ways reduced to an escapist spectacle in the face of an international pandemic.

Who would have thought, basketball and Disney, or experiencing football and soccer without the raucous crowds that’s come to cheer on fans and are as much of the experience as the game itself.

The final score in these times as I am sitting with my remote at home social distancing enjoying the games, this is our immediate reality. All I can say is Wow! Until next time, to my NOLA People remember to wear your mask and stay safe!

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