The Power of Head-Wraps

Head-wraps are good for a bad hair day, can represent your heritage in style, or even change a drab look to fab. Head-wraps come in several lengths, colors, and patterns, and are now one of the most popular fashion statements in black culture.

In Africa, headwraps were and can be used as carrying supports to transport water or various items commonly carried on top of a woman’s head. Today, headwraps are used as easy fashion statements that only require a simple wrap around and twist.

Headwraps are worn with any ensemble of some of the most elegant gowns, to the plainest workout gear. Kori James, a local model, wears headwraps on the go and in her down time, saying they are “one of the easiest hair and fashion statements around”.

“I have worn a headwrap to school, work, a party, it doesn’t matter. It’s something you can dress up or down, if you have a head and the right pattern” said James.

Some of the most stylish head-wraps can be found in local beauty stores, on the or even within your own closet with last winter’s scarves. For information on head-wraps email or direct message @Delannii on Instagram to request a how-to-wear, head-wrap tutorial. 

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