The Power of Women

Surviving the Storms of Life

DIONNE CHARACTER | Female Empowerment Columnist

There is a certain flow we must all have in order to sustain comfortability to progress in the world — but when you’ve survived a disaster like Hurricane Katrina whereas many were left to provide and resolve things on their own, one can become overwhelmed with adapting and learning new ways to provide even in the midst of an unforeseen new world.

Today, we are back strong as we celebrate the good, the bad and the raw truth of how our lives have been altered. We must learn the new flow of the river as we continue being strong women who sometimes have had to find our own way in order to restrain our minds and bodies from depression and anxiety.

Being mentally strong is not about what car we drive, it’s not about how cute you look and how popular you are because it is about our character. We all have the strength to continue on but some of us may need to still overcome the fear of change. Mentally strong women face their fears, issues and problems with grace and confidence, they are proud of themselves and for others who continue to move forward in excellence.

As we celebrate the good times and the bad know that in your darkest hours you were able to find the best path as you navigate through life in a river full of unforeseen changes. You should be proud because you deserve to feel honored and prideful rebuilding your home and your life while raising a family in disastrous times.

Let’s keep rebuilding and supporting one another because it takes a village for strong women to maintain their sense of courage in a time where life is short and how you live it is how you cope with the realities of this world. You are a survivor. Never let anyone tell you what you can’t do because you are a woman who can sustain her family even in the midst of troubled times.

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