Three Ways to Give Back to Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Last Week, Hurricane Harvey threatened the Gulf Coast with strong winds and the potential for massive rainfall. By the time it hit the Texas coast, the storm, downgraded to a tropical storm, pummeled and flooded several coastal cities, including parts of Houston, Texas. 
As several inches test the New Orleans Pump and Drainage System, it lacks in comparison to the heavy rainfall that brought over 30 inches of rain in some Texas areas.

NOLA Pay It Forward
In an effort to help those in Texas impacted by the Tropical Storm, there are several organizations that are accepting donations.
On Monday, August 28th, Mayor Mitch Landrieu reactivated NOLA Pay It Forward Fund, which, own partnership with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, will aid recovery efforts for Texas and Southwest Louisiana.
“Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Texas and Southwest Louisiana affected by Hurricane Harvey,” Mayor Landrieu said in an official release. “The people of New Orleans know what it’s like to suffer through a disaster. We remember all of those who helped us when we needed it most, and through this fund, we hope to pay it forward to other communities in need.
Last August, New Orleanians raised $250,000 though the Fund to help recovery efforts in Baton Rouge.  
To donate to the city-sponsored fund, visit the Greater New Orleans Foundation Fund at
If you, or someone you know in Texas, would like to give back to evacuees that need a place to stay, you can offer your place as an urgent accommodation through Airbnb. All service fees are waived for those that check in between August 23, 2017 and September 25, 2017. Visit for more information on offering or securing a room.
Red Cross 
If you do decide to give to the Red Cross, be sure to specify funds to go to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. To give directly to Harvey victims, visit

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