Troy Carter…The Right Choice for LA 2nd Congressional District

Terry Jones

Terry B. Jones Data news Weekly Publisher

The time is now that citizens of Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District get out and vote for the person best suited to represent our district. that person my friends is Troy Carter.

After finishing first in the primary by double digits, it is time to put him over the top and send him to Washington D.C. where he can immediately begin getting things done. The reason Troy is being endorsed by a wide array of voters and interest groups is because over his career in politics and business, he’s proven he is a bridge builder who can bring various interest together under one tent.

He is also a dedicated to family and people in the community. Troy is one who gives back to the community and this is who we need. He has the compassion, competence, and dedication to continue the great work Cedric Richmond has done for the District.

He sees this and that is why Richmond and so many others that include Data News Weekly are endorsing Troy Carter.

And yes, it is important to have someone who is a fighter, but one must also have the temperament and understanding of compromise and relationships in getting the district the things we need. This is something Troy’s done throughout his time as a public servant.

He is the right candidate, so we are asking all to please get out and vote for Troy Carter…THE RIGHT CHOICE for Louisiana 2nd Congressional District.

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