Tyra G. Morrison: Living the Dream

Louisiana Native Stars in Netflix Series Family Reunion

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Redefining Success in the Entertainment Industry

Tyra G. Morrison is a star on the rise who is redefining how to navigate success in the entertainment industry. Presently, she stars in the award-winning Netflix show Family Reunion. Additionally, she is also building her brand with her YouTube Channel Tyra the Creative, becoming an influencer partnering with companies and expanding her reach.

How did this 20-something from St. Francisville, Louisiana emerge as a force to be reckoned with in an industry that now takes a different approach to be successful? “I didn’t initially set out to be an actress, but I was in a play for Earth Day in elementary school where I played a tree and I fell in love and it gave me a joy like I’d never felt being on stage,” says Morrison as she recalls the moment, she decided that acting was her calling in life.

From St. Francisville to YouTube Influencer

Morrison began her life in a small town in Louisiana, but always had big dreams for her life.

“I always have been interested in travel, I wanted to venture out and do things that others around me were not doing, so I did a Student Exchange Program while in college and later I moved to New York, but for a variety of reasons I realized it wasn’t for me, but at that time I started my YouTube Channel.”

This was a move that would pay dividends as the young actress took the reins of her career into her own hands.

“I thought it made sense to use this platform to showcase my talent and not wait around for casting directors to notice me. I wanted to create my own opportunity. I soon realized that because I had natural hair, and compelling content, and was building my audience, so at some point companies began to pay me to use their products.”

“I started looking at influencers and what would it take to put myself in this world, so I bought a book called Influencer by Brittany Hennessey. I went to one of her workshops and began learning the business side, and maximizing your potential, and creating partnerships that make sense in reaching, building, and sustaining your audience.”

Positively Black…Family Reunion Shows another Side of Black Life

Today Morrison is part of a stellar cast on the Netflix Series Family Reunion, which garnered critical acclaim as well as winning multiple NAACP Awards. Speaking of how she landed the gig that’s raised her profile she says, “I moved to L.A. with a game plan, and entered into an acting class, and took part in a showcase, and found an agent. I booked Family Reunion, but I did not know the gravity of what this would be and then I found out I would be playing a young Loretta Devine. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase some my other talents, because I am also a voice actor and practiced her voice before getting the role.”

Family Reunion is a show that not only have Blacks in front of the camera but are the majority of those writing and working behind the scenes. This is something that Morrison enjoys about being on a show that’s created many opportunities for African Americans to showcase Black Excellence.

‘It is great to be surrounding by so many positive people when we are in production. And to see so many African Americans, not only in front of the camera, create a great working environment.”

Continuing she says enthusiastically, “It is a family show that navigates today’s world and on set it is filled with people who are very supportive and positive. I enjoy working with multiple directors. It gives me pause when I look at my life’s journey and think I am working with a director from shows I grew up watching like That’s So Raven and Sister Sister.”

Making Dreams Come True

While Morrison’s star is rising in the social media space and television, her long-term goal is to make her mark on the big screen.

“My Long-term goal is to see myself as a film star. I would love to play a superhero or some other role that could inspire people that their dreams can come true and that anything is possible.”

Acting is important for Morrison, but she is a grounded young woman, who is using her platform to inspire a generation of young people.

“I always want to be an actress, but I realize you need a bigger calling. This spirit of service that’s rooted in me came from my community. I am very lucky to have the parents I have coming up and never having fear in me. I am so glad I had the mental fortitude to pursue my dream and parents who supported me.”

Black Girl Magic…The Recipe for Success

Tyra G. Morrison has the “It Factor” she is an intelligent, beautiful, engaging young woman who is poised for success and doesn’t mind sharing the recipe with young people who are following in her footsteps.

A woman of many talents, and because she is a Louisiana Girl, she also is a great cook. Tyra, in addition to having a college degree is a chef who attended culinary school and today uses her meals to bring people together.

“Yes, I went to culinary school,” she says laughing. “I studied as a pastry chef. I enjoy making special occasion cakes, small confections, and macaroons. Today, what you can find me making is gourmet vegan meals called Tyra’s Table, which consists of 3 people, a 3-course meal, and that safe space to talk about things you go through exploring the mind, body and spirit of building community.”

Her life and the path she is blazing is one for the ages and her potential is limitless as she is armed with the tools for even greater success in the years to come. She’s created a template for many of her generation and beyond.

“If I had to say anything to my peers or those younger that could inspire them, I would say you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I want to challenge people to create a dream book. That’s when I learned how to dream. It is something that’s not talked about early in life. Asking the question, what do you dream to and aspire to in life? Create that timeline of what you want to do in life. You only have one life so follow your dreams and make it happen.”

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