We Will Rebuild

Terry Jones

In our role as “The People’s Paper” the alarm has been sounded as Hurricane Ida ripped through our City. In its aftermath, it presented some new challenges to us all. It’s reminded us of Katrina, something that changed our lives forever.

And while this event up to this point did not cause the damage of Katrina, in the City of New Orleans, it comes with its own set of challenges. And this is happening in the middle of a Pandemic as well as during the season where we were preparing to vote for elected offices.

I say this because at this time the right type of leadership is important as we ask ourselves what type of City we will be?

Data News Weekly, for over 55 years have continued in our role as “The People’s Paper” and we are making a guarantee that we are not going anywhere, and that we are here to inform, educate and inspire our community. We will as we rebuild give you news that you can use.

Today, as we look at our great City it is without power, but it is not in the dark. As we are the light that gives the city life, and we will show again our resilient spirit to the world. And we will chronicle these amazing stories in the pages of Data News Weekly and our other platforms as we continue in our role as “The People’s Paper.”

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