Wear Your Nails Like a New Set of Jewelry

Long, short, sparkly, shiny, pointy or oval, nails have been a fashion statement since the dawn of time. Nails, long nails to be specific, has been a huge component of Black culture and a popular fashion statement that most of the world participates in.

Nails come in many varieties, and today they’re as innovating as putting actual diamonds and holographic paint on them. Long time nail wearer and Local Artist Kori James said she had been getting her nails done since she was five or six as if it was a Black rite of passage.

“I began getting acrylic in high school and I just fell in love with it. I get glitter nails, glow in the dark, coffin style, stiletto style, anything or any color that matches with my outfit or mood for the day” said James.

You can customize your nails to be as shiny as your outfit with bedazzled accents or you can change color at your leisure with acrylics. For some, nails are a huge part of their look. In most high fashion headshot editorials, nails are a creative aspect in the shot. Even when wearing an all-white look, if your nails are the only thing with color, it will be the finishing touch to a stylish look.

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