What Defines Men’s Fashion 

A woman is known for being the fashion icon, but men can put together a show stopping ensemble too. It’s not just about the suits and ties that makes a man’s look but all of the trimmings as well.

Watches: We all know top of the line watches such as Rolexes, but it’s not the name that makes the fashion. A watch can turn the plainest outfit into a jewel of a look. Watches on men are one of the sexiest and most sophisticated accessories. They can be worn while working out, casually or even a night out on the town.
Shoes: Most would think men’s shoes are hard to find or wouldn’t have a variety of styles. Men’s dress shoes are some of the most stylish and fascinating. A man in his suit and pointy toe shoes is a man dressed to kill.
Chains: A chain for a man differs greatly from a woman’s. Men use them as statements. A representation of style, tribe, and sometimes passion. While they are most commonly seen on rappers, a chain is worn by most men when they want to show their edgy side of fashion.
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