What’s Coming Is Better Than What is Gone

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

Queens on Thrones

The voices of women have been echoing for generations and while some of us are still screaming to the top of our lungs like school girls on black tops for rights and equality, we can finally take a breather because yesterday is long gone, and the only things that really matter now is– where will you be tomorrow and how will you begin to love yourself more today?

As women, we have the right to live a limitless life with no boundaries, moving forward, joining forces with others who have been suffering from a lack of self-love and admiration as we evolve.

Girl, it is time for you to start loving you more. It is time you start placing yourself in the front of the line, so that you can shine and grow into something more beautiful with bigger dreams. It’s time for you to start realizing that your life is more important because when the Queen is tired the entire kingdom will collapse. It is time to start by saying yes to you and no to those who have been taking advantage of your kindness, bringing you dead flowers expecting you to nurse them back to life.

Yesterday will only be as painful as you make it today. Start loving yourself more and the universe will grant you more opportunities because you are worthy of a million great things. You have the power to keep your heart free of other people’s problems, so that you can tap into your own greatness.

Stand tall at the beginning of the line because what’s coming will be far more beautiful than you’ll ever recall. Focus your attention on you and let those things that have been holding you back go as we approach this new season of opportunities.

Dionne Character can be reached at characterinhollywood@gmail.com.

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