Women’s History Month

Finding Your Special

Diva Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

There is something special in all of us, more specifically in you!

As we celebrate Women’s Month this March 2021 let us remember that we too are shining stars wearing beaded crowns traced in abundance and love from the universe that is willing to show us everything once we are clear minded enough to receive.

Let this month be a time of reflection as you tap into your inner boss realizing that you are capable of all things. You are powerful and you are amazing because God made you WOMAN!

Girl, it is time that you realize that you have the freedom and the empowerment to set your own intentions and goals. You are a magnificent woman who can make anything happen with her beautiful mind. The moment you tap into your “special,” things will begin to unfold.

It is time that you start manifesting and stop downplaying your skills as a woman who has been equipped for generations to win no matter how things may appear. You just need to believe!

“A real woman is not afraid of the dark. She always travels where the gravel has already eaten the back of her shoes.” You just need to keep stepping aggressively because you are connected to the beauty of the world.

Let’s march together as strong Black women who can create as we evolve, realizing that we have the strength to move boulders with our creative minds. You are incredible! Take advantage of what God gave you and use it to win. There is no need to look elsewhere when you have all that you need within.

Realize that there is uniqueness in you. Find it and never let it go!

Dionne Character can be reached at characterinhollywood@gmail.com.

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