2018 Fashions to Come

By Delaney George

The New Year brings with it, lots of hope and excitement in the fashion world with many new and upcoming trends and designers on the rise. 2018 will be a year of new styles, wild fashion statements, and runway shows galore. Here are some things to look out for in 2018 to help all fashionistas stay ahead of the ball in the new year.

Same Brand, Different Plan: 
Brands that are found in a Walmart, or local convenience stores are catching on to the big-name brand trend. Brands are re-inventing lines with cooler, younger, hip creative directors. Once the young perspective is on board, the designs become more appealing to a younger crowd and the price for a simple sweatshirt becomes the price of a Coach purse.  Champion and Sketchers are examples of the younger re-branding approach. Keep an eye out for the brands that are now common. One day they might re-brand and you might have a vintage fashion artifact in your closet.
Less is More: 
Clothing is becoming simpler as the days go on. In 2018 brands will be taking a more simplistic approach versus what they’ve done in previous years. Clothing will have less colors and patterns and will have more of a neutral feel up until spring. Brands that have already displayed this in earlier fashion lines would be Versace, Yeezy, and Polo.
For more information on brands, and upcoming fashion alerts for 2018 email Delinkey@yahoo.com directly.

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