A Fashion Must-See

NOMA’s A Queen Within

By Delaney George

The New Orleans Museum of Art is a key destination for all things cultural and inspiring. Attracting tourist with their historical artifacts and seasonal exhibits, NOMA never disappoints with their installations. This past weekend, I bared witness to what is one of the best exhibits installed at NOMA:   A Queen Within. 
The exhibit features some of the most high-fashion designs, photos, and couture in the world from several well-known designers such as Alexander McQueen. The exhibit focuses on femininity in its purest, most fabulous form and is unapologetically innovating. 
Walking in, one is immediately dazed by the ambiance, sparkle, and style that comes from fashion art. This exhibit creates a feeling and a fashion experience that is highly recommended by Delaney’s Armoire. But don’t let us spoil it, you can check out the exhibit for free with a Louisiana State I.D. on Wednesdays.  
For more information on the exhibit visit https://noma.org/exhibitions/queen-within-adorned-archetypes/

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