A Time to Reflect

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

As the year comes to an end, we should prepare to reflect and embrace a new beginning with new possibilities while looking back at some of the things we survived, those things that almost took us completely out but didn’t because we were able to dive deep into our will to survive because we are in control of our own journey.

Perhaps you are dealing with loss, need to improve your health, or maybe you just don’t know where to begin because you are stuck in the past and can’t seem to find your way back to your higher self. This is okay because all you need to do is slow down enough to figure what’s really important in your life.

Let’s start making plans to really strive to make a dynamic change in our lives by making a resolution to consume more fruit, avoid processed foods, learn a new exercise, set a routine to get more sleep, limiting your screen time with electronics, as you practice techniques to relax and heal while improving your wellbeing.

Start this New Year with happiness. Try loving yourself more. Do something that you’ve been afraid of doing to prove to yourself that you can do all things. Write down your visions and dreams while moving towards a better future because it’s time to heal with more love and attention.

Give thought to your past, so that can improve your mental wellness moving forward. Change your look, do one new thing you’ve always wanted to do while preparing yourself to live a healthier lifestyle.

This is your season. Start it with positive affirmations. Take this moment to reflect and recharge as you welcome in the New Year with joy. Find your purpose, set some goals and let the good vibes flow.

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