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Tracee Dundas Fashion Stylist @fashionablyyoursnola
Fashion Editor: Tracee Dundas | @fashionablyyoursnola
Photographer: Tracee Dundas
Model: Jennifer Freitas
Location: W Hotel French Quarter

What started as a fun trend now has evolved into an obsession for many and a lucrative business for others. Either way, everyone wants to get into the act of taking selfies; from celebrities, musicians, bloggers, and politicians. However, not everyone is a master at capturing that picture-perfect selfie. There is a certain art to taking attention-grabbing photos which require a bit of creativity, and a little practice to insure the most fashionably fabulous selfies.

Here are few easy tricks for snapping amazing selfies every time.

NEXT LEVEL – Hold the camera above your head. This will give your selfie an artsy feel while giving a good view to show off your outfit. (A selfie stick is helpful).

KNOW YOUR BEST ANGEL – Everyone has a “better side”. The trick is to highlight your cheekbone, make your eyes look bigger and own the moment.

SAY CHEESE – Practice your smile, smizing, pouting, sexy or any other facial expressions you wish to convey in your photos. Your expressions should be second nature and be effortless.

This will help remove a double chin, accentuate your jawline. It will probably feel weird, but it will dramatically improve your photo.

KEEP IT INTERESTING – Angles, cropping in, close-ups and shooting body parts can capture the attention of your audience better.

Good lighting is key when taking any kind of photograph, and selfies are no different. The right lighting can make or break what could be a great photo. Avoid dark or dimly lit areas, harsh fluorescent lighting or lighting that cast a shadow on the face.

Find a signature pose that will help you feel confident no matter what the situation.

WEAR SUNGLASSES – Wear your favorite pair of sunnies, hat or other accessory for a fashion blogger or celebrity vibe.

It’s the whole package that makes for the best picture, not just the face. Check your surroundings to see what’s happening in the background. Incorporate an interesting background for added impact.

Use your camera timer to help setup the perfect shot without stressing out.

Don’t be stiff and stuffy. Have fun! Be Yourself!

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