Know Your Worth, Right Now

October 3, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Morgan A. Owens Three words that we often should follow, but don’t. I didn’t know my worth or even know I was worthy for many years. How many of us feel or have felt […]

Juneteenth 2018

June 12, 2018 LA Data News 0

Data News Weekly Staff Report Comments Off on Juneteenth 2018 – Celebrations and Festivals Welcome to Communizine! Today is June 12th, 2018 Juneteenth is a uniquely American holiday, the oldest nationally-celebrated festival to honor the […]

Spiritually Speaking

April 18, 2018 LA Data News 0

By James Washington I remember reviewing the letters of Paul in Bible study. In doing so, I was constantly reminded that one cannot look at Paul without really seeing Jesus’ amazing handiwork. Now you need […]

Spiritually Speaking

March 14, 2018 LA Data News 0

By James Washington Some of you may remember that I declared this some time ago and it bears repeating. I wish it was original, but it is not. It comes straight from the pulpit and […]

Black Facts

February 23, 2018 LA Data News 0

MAROONS Maroons were Africans who had escaped from slavery in the Americas, mixed with the Native Americans, and formed independent settlements. Between 1780 and 1784, a group of Maroons led by Jean Saint Malo resisted […]

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