Black Mamas Are Dying. We Can Stop It.

June 20, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) Black mothers are dying and it’s time to do something about it. Every year, more than 700 American mothers lose their lives to pregnancy or birth-related complications. Some medical professionals […]

To Be Equal

June 12, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Marc H. Morial “Education must not simply teach work. It must teach life.” – W.E.B. DuBois This time of year brings great pride and congratulations for graduates at all levels, from high school to […]

Stop Being Stunned Already

April 25, 2018 LA Data News 0

By John Slade “The world is stunned to discover that prehistoric creatures exist in the Twentieth Century.” That quote was uttered by a breathless news anchor in the American cut of the classic 1963 picture, […]

Spiritually Speaking

April 18, 2018 LA Data News 0

By James Washington I remember reviewing the letters of Paul in Bible study. In doing so, I was constantly reminded that one cannot look at Paul without really seeing Jesus’ amazing handiwork. Now you need […]

Black Women You Should Know

March 14, 2018 LA Data News 0

By Julianne Malveaux All too often, our “history” month turns into a tribute to the past. And while the past is an important place to lift up it is, indeed, a tributary, a stream that […]

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