Celebrating the Strength of Women: Women’s Month 2022

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist
As we move forward revisiting who we were just yesterday, we should stop picking ourselves apart and be grateful for where we are at this very moment, as we enter a new seasonal transition with spring being right around the corner.

It’s time to open all your windows, letting go of the stale energy because you are free to live. Loving who you are and how you do what you do is one of the most important lessons we as woman have to learn as we continue to battle with being different and knowing exactly what we want. Let us stop now, comparing ourselves to others and realize that we have the strength of powerful sisterhoods beneath our beautiful feet.Maybe God didn’t mean for you to do some of the things you see yourself doing as you may not be mentally ready to run the world. Stop looking back and move forward. Remind yourself that tomorrow is promising because it is in fact a brand-new start. Tell yourself you are worthy and capable. Stop regretting every bad thing you’ve experienced and realize that you deserve as much as anyone else. You are filled with Black Girl Magic!Your strength is love. Use it to make your way through the maze of life while being surrounded by beautiful, amazing women who are proud of whom you have become. Have the courage to go out there and get your dream.It’s all about you. Stop waiting on the world for it will never love you until you’re dead and gone. Use your divine power to enjoy every gift you have as you share them with like-minded sisters. You are the strength the world needs. Live the life you have imagined and fly.

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