Congressman Cedric Richmond Named Joe Biden’s New Co-Chairman

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Congressman Cedric Richmond, who has long been a vocal supporter of Former Vice President Joe Biden, has been named to a major leadership role in the Biden presidential campaign. With his extensive political contacts in significant primary states, including South Carolina, Richmond in an interview with The New York Times last week said his biggest strength is “offering political advice and using my political instincts to come up with strategy, and not just strategy in the African-American community. I think the real strength is in the South and other parts of the country.”

In addition to running on a platform focused on job creation, crime reduction and education, Richmond says the campaign will focus on more specific issues like climate. “It’s amazing to me to watch everyone now say that they are, quote-unquote ‘progressive’ and ‘this is the litmus test for progressives,’ but everything they’re talking about the vice president, they are issues he’s already been on. It was ’86 he introduced a climate change bill. He led our efforts in the Paris Accord. So he has a body of work on that issue before it became popular,” he said.

When asked about his decision to endorse Joe Biden instead of Senator Kamala Harris or Senator Cory Booker, he says they are both friends of his and are both really effective senators, adding that his endorsement of Biden is by no means a reflection of their effectiveness. He says of Biden, “I’ve been recruiting the vice president to run almost immediately since (Hillary) Clinton lost. Once, because I thought his body of work was that of a person I’d want to see as president. Two, because I thought he was the best person to take on President Trump and beat him. And then three, from Day 1, restore our credibility around the world, and start to unify a very divided — a very, very divided — country.”

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