Earth War

Character, Chinese /English Rapper.

Dionne Character
Entertainment Columnist

When Hip-Hop Rappers J. Character and 7th Ward Shorty decided to collaborate on the song Earth War, neither of them had an idea that a masterpiece created by the two would bring worlds together through music and culture, which is exactly what happened one weekend in Los Angeles, CA.

J. Character who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA studied music at an early age, playing trumpet and upright bass, while attending elementary school. He is a child prodigy who grew up in a world of entertainment. A graduate of Norwich University Military Academy, he graduated Magna Cum Laude in International Studies/Chinese, lived abroad in Chengdu, Shanghai and Tianjin, which is where he decided to intertwine Chinese lyrics with English, setting himself apart from most rappers, bringing in the New Orleans flavor from his childhood, later deciding not to join the Army but pursue a career in music.

Rapper, 7th Ward Shorty, who recently received recognition from the Mayor of New Orleans in a press conference for his service and humanitarian efforts in the community is boldly making noise in the industry. He has collaborated with many artists like The Game, Big Freedia, Lil Jon and the East Side Boys, Gun Play and a host of other artists around the country. On the rise with his music career, 7th Ward Shorty has proven to be the “King of New Orleans” with his non-stop approach to music after serving time, proving you can’t hold back the talent of a man destined to change the game when it comes to raw talent. With over 35k worldwide streams on all platforms, his new album, “Big Shorty,” continues to prove that his ability as a stand-alone artist who can join forces with other artists has been recognized as a true talent.

The birth of two musical talents from one city who created a powerful reenactment video of China and the U.S., at war to instead unite them through music and spark conversation has definitely put the two on another level as it obvious that New Orleans is not only the birthplace of Jazz, but a community of artists who can immerse themselves with no boundaries when it comes to true talent.

Checkout Earth War featuring 7th Ward Shorty by J. Character on YouTube.
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J. Character and 7th Ward Shorty in Hollywood, CA.

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