Fashion Story – Carnival Fiesta Fashions

Tracee Dundas Fashion Editor | @fashionablyyoursnola

Sequins, feathers and over the top styles is what can be expected when attending any of the many Mardi Gras balls and festivities. After all that’s exactly what Mardi Gras is known for and has been affectionally referred to as the “Met Gala of the South.” It is the event of the year in which everyone’s [both ladies and gents] goal is to make a jaw dropping fashion statement.

Considering a color that is symbolic to the occasion – Purple which represents justice, green symbolizes faith, and gold signifies power. By incorporating these colors into your attire, you not only embrace the festival’s tradition but also make a statement about your values and pay homage to the culture and traditions.

To standout at the Mardi Gras Celebrations, opt for a ballgown that embraces bold colors, intricate details, and dramatic silhouettes. Look for gowns with ornate embellishments, feathers, and sequins to capture the festive spirit. At the same time be certain to express your creativity and personal flare by customizing your gown with unique accessories, such as a statement mask, elaborate headpiece, or a colorful feather boa. This will help you express your creativity and showcase your individuality. But remember the key is feeling confident in what you wear. While fashion plays a pivotal role, your confidence is what truly makes a fashion statement. Walk with poise, carry yourself with grace, and exude the joyous spirit of Mardi Gras. Remember, a smile is the best accessory you can wear.

Carnival time is about celebration, so be sure to wear your gown with confidence and spread the infectious Mardi Gras spirit which ever ball you’re attending!

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