How to Strut your Best Mommy & Me Ensembles

Being a new mommy can be one of the most special times in a parent’s life, especially for a mommy fashionista. Mothers can take advantage of a fashion opportunity by dressing their little one up as they would themselves. It’s never too early to start passing down style, class and the art of chic.

Mommy and me eyewear: 
There’s no better way to block out the summer heat than with a cute pair of shades. Cheetah print, all white, and vibrant neon summer colored shades would be perfect for a mom and her little supermodel. Local retailers such as @boldlense on Instagram, sells adult and child size shades for the mommies and daddies who want to keep themselves and their little one shaded and stylish. 

Following in your stylish footsteps: 
Matching shoes, whether it be sandals, flip-flops, or even beach shoes are one of the many cute ways to match your mini-me. Many stores and local vendors commonly sell adult styles that can be found in kids shoes as well. Even if your ensembles don’t match, you and your little fashionista can step out in style with your matching footwear. 

Who wore it best: 
There’s nothing cuter than you and your cutie dressed exactly alike from head to toe. Let your little one get inspired by your closet or you get inspired by theirs. Matching shirts, skirts, pants headbands and accessories are always a fun and fashionable idea. You can even take it a step further and style your hair the same as your kid’s: assuring a cuteness overload. 

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