Iconic Gene’s Po Boy’s Closes…People Reflect on their Experiences

E. Benjamin
Data News Staff Writer

Samantha Beaulieu: Actress and Filmmaker

“Gene’s Po-Boys is a New Orleans Staple! It was “The” late night spot…especially for your out of town guests! Gene’s was so New Orleans! In true NOLA Fashion, everyone who worked there had big colorful personalities and treated all customers the same; I think that’s one of the reasons more “well-known” people love New Orleans. Because they can go to places like Gene’s and no one’s going to bother them. It takes a lot to impress us New Orleanians.”

James Andrews: Musician and Singer

“I loved going there when I was a little kid. The Po-Boys were great and the people who worked there were also great. It was a place that was popular with both locals and out of towners people were in and out there all the time. Yes, we loved dat place and it will be missed.”

Glenn Summers: Photographer and Visual Artist

“My best memories of Gene’s Po-Boys were hearing the quick wit of old man Mr. Whitey taking orders at the register then you had to come and correct him. It was a great place to go late at night to get good food and also meet people. It was symbolic of an age of New Orleans pre-Katrina that I sometimes miss.”

Lenny Green: Singer, Songwriter/Producer and Visual Artist

“Gene’s was a late-night staple in NOLA! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten there to sober up. It was the last stop before going home. I remember waiting in those long… long… long… lines, but it was worth it. Their Po-Boys were always good. We will miss Gene’s.”

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