Jones Academy

New Orleans Native Fosters Environment of Empowerment and Sisterhood by Opening a Private and Independent All Girls School.

Left to Right: Devon Watts, Elizabeth Lacombe, School Founder Andrea Jones, and Father Ajani Gibson.

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New Orleans, LA. – To break down barriers to quality education and equip girls with the tools they need to succeed, New Orleans native, Andrea Jones, is elated to announce the opening of The Jones Academy for Girls. The school is located at 1020 N Prieur St, New Orleans, LA 70116.

Founded in 2022, The Jones Academy for Girls currently serves grades Pre-K 3-Kindergarten but plans to house up to 8th Grade in the near future. The school believes in making private education accessible. To achieve this, The Jones Academy accepts all scholarships provided by private organizations, along with government-funded scholarships. Additionally, they offer the option of work-study programs to make attendance reasonable and feasible for parents.

The curriculum is the result of extensive research on some of the nation’s leading private all-girl schools. The Jones Academy for Girls aims not only to meet but exceed the highest educational standards. With a focus on unique enrichment and physical education activities such as yoga, ballet, martial arts, as well as science, coding, and foreign languages, they provide a well-rounded education.

Beyond traditional subjects, their enrichment classes cover social graces, gaming, meditation, and test-taking techniques. The Jones Academy for Girls believes that by nurturing healthy young girls, the world can avoid the need to fix broken women in the future.

Their philosophy is rooted in providing children with access, opportunities, and the tools they need to flourish in the future. Failure is not an option under any circumstances. The goal of The Jones Academy is to showcase what happens when the playing field is leveled, demonstrating that every girl can reach her full potential.

“At The Jones Academy for Girls we are dedicated to empowering young women to thrive with wisdom and grace,” said Andrea Jones, Founder of The Jones Academy for Girls. “We are contributing to the holistic formation of young women while cultivating academic excellence, unleashing confidence, and developing leadership skills to improve local and global communities. It’s about fostering the evolution of girls into the leading women of tomorrow.”

The Jones Academy for Girls believes in empowerment, wisdom, grace, inclusivity, academic excellence, community, collaboration, character development, holistic development, confidence, courage, lifelong learning, leadership, and trailblazing. These core values guide the educational philosophy and mission of the school and shape the experiences and opportunities provided to its students.

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