Making A Difference Beyond Anything Expected

Caitlyn Summers 

B.A.E. (beyond anything expect) was an event recently held at the New Orleans Downtown Holiday Inn by a group of inspirational local leaders who told their back stories on how they grew up in the City of New Orleans.

The goal of the Lock-In Event was for young girls ages 12-16 years old to have a safe place to have fun, be creative; and the importance of having self-respect, values, and self-worth. It also was intended to give young girls the tools and skills to be successful in life.

Some of the things we learned is that “we can do anything as long as we put our mind to it, and that we are strong, powerful and beautiful; and can’t no one tell us different”. We also learned that we can make it big and can make a difference in this world.
In the City of New Orleans, some young people are not able to have these opportunities, but we can change that. It starts in the community right next door. I had the privilege to be surrounded by so many young girls with extraordinary talents.

I am born and raised in New Orleans I am 13 years old I’m an actress, I sing, I dance and model; also I am preparing myself to be an entrepreneur in the future. The most important thing I’ve learned from the B. A. E. Lock-In is that I have the power to inspire and empower myself and my peers. In addition, I can help others to better themselves in life. It is also important to be independent and have goals and work hard to achieve them. With hard work and dedication anything is possible, but for this to occur you have to believe in yourself.

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