Mayor Cantrell Launches CleanUpNOLA Initiative, a Comprehensive Response to Litter, Blight Issues in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor LaToya Cantrell today announced the launch of CleanUpNOLA, a city-wide, fully coordinated initiative that will unite the efforts of multiple civil departments and the community behind a single goal for a cleaner, healthier and more welcoming city.

“CleanUpNOLA is something that is very near and dear to me because it speaks to so much of what I believe in — as a community organizer, as a City Council member, and now as Mayor of the City of New Orleans. This initiative is about more than trash, graffiti, tall weeds and unkempt properties. These issues have a negative impact on our economic development, safety, and the quality of life of every New Orleanian. Working with all of these participating departments as well as the community, CleanUpNOLA will confront and transform the culture of littering in our city,” said Mayor Cantrell.

The initiative also will leverage the resources of several City departments, including Sanitation, Public Works, Health, Safety & Permits, Code Enforcement, Neighborhood Engagement, Park & Parkways, and Mosquito, Termite & Rodent Control. These City departments will work together to reduce and deter litter and blight, promote a healthier environment, improve access to City services and expand community education and engagement.

CleanUpNOLA will target 12 major corridors across the city. Part of the work will concentrate on the enhancement of current daily operations. Key leaders within CleanUp NOLA, also known as the Tiger Team, work together to increase the efficiency of City Services. This Tiger Team has been and will be walking corridors to identify violations and to educate residents and businesses in regard to how to respond to violations, repair or replace street signs, address graffiti in public spaces, clean up catch basins, and more.

CleanUpNOLA represents an enduring partnership with residents to create a more sustainable strategy for the city, as opposed to a one-time initiative.

To learn more about CleanUpNOLA, visit

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