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You Don't Need New Clothes, Just New Ideas…

By Samjah Iman

I was once the girl who would always claim she had nothing to wear when it came time to get dressed for an occasion. I would often go out and buy a new clothing item every time I was invited to an event. Then I got more creative when it came to putting together an outfit and my “I have nothing to wear” days became few and far between.

Each piece in the outfit on this post is old. I was looking for something to wear one day so I began piecing things together. I found an oversize shirt that I made into an off-the-shoulder top by tying it up, a black and white skirt to offset the top, and yellow pumps to make the entire look pop.

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need are a few staple pieces and a bit of creativity. I’m sure there are many pieces in your closet that can be transformed or mixed and matched. For instance, if you have long dress with a split or a short skater dress, wear it over some jeans and add some heels to jazz up the look. If you have a huge t-shirt, tie it up to create an off-the-shoulder top or wear it alone as a dress with your favorite sneakers.

These days almost anything goes with fashion. So, before you go shopping next time, see what you can dig up in your stash. There’s nothing that a few staple pieces and a little originality can’t solve when it comes to style.

Peace and Blessings,

– Samjah Iman

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