The Essence of A Woman

Female Empowerment Columnist

There’s something magical that happens when we come together on one accord celebrating being Black and beautiful, strong, and bold, with the intentions of becoming more confident, embracing the uniqueness of our individual spirits, tapping into the root of our amazing souls as women around the world who can make all things happen because we are phenomenal.

Being a woman is about knowing who you are and exactly what you will stand for and against. It’s about communing with those we can learn from as we continue to climb higher heights, breaking records in politics, sports, and music, becoming entrepreneurs, progressing, while embracing the joys of womanhood with style and grace.

Together, we must learn to accept the sophistication of our core enjoying the changes we have accomplished throughout the world. Girl, you have to know that you are the difference needed to make the universe a better place. You should not be afraid to give all that you have to offer because you are important, and your dreams will continue to matter.

Let the world swarm around your greatness and beauty. Let people see that you are one of a kind as they try to judge you by the color of your beautiful skin. Let your hips swing in freedom while your back remains strong. Embrace the layers of who you are because you are wisdom and smarts. Be strong enough to walk into any room and shine like a 100-watt light bulb. Never be afraid to show the world the layers of your incredibleness because you are masterful in all that we do.

Let your resilience and fortitude continue to make a difference because you are The Essence of a Woman.

Dionne Character can be reached at, we are magical.

Bringing the Bold, Celebrating the Essence of Women.

Be strong enough to walk into any room and shine.

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