Top Women’s Fashion Influencers to Watch in 2018

By Delaney George

This year is off to a great start especially within the Women’s community. Many women have started movements, marches, and other triumphs for the future of all females. Even Oprah said herself that this is the age of women and women’s empowerment. Fashion is a female dominated field and there is always a new hot trend, model, or influencer on the rise. These five influencers are on the rise in the fashion world and you don’t want to miss their rise to stardom.

AlealiMay- If there were an award for the best middle part straight-hair look, Ms. May would take the cake. May is a very diverse, very high fashion Urban Style Influencer. She has styled countless numbers of celebrities but also has done shoe collaborations with brands like Jourdan and Nike. May’s style is geared more toward tom-boy urban style with an undeniable shoe or sneaker collection.

Wuzg00d- This NYC Fashionista combines color with street style. Many of her clothing and styles are oversized and baggy with sneakers, but her nails, chains, and other accessories has just the right touch on it. Her sneakers are usually always the wow factor in her outfits, but she still focuses on highlighting everything she wears from head to toe.

VenusX- Female DJ and Fashion Influencer Venus X is all things fun with her pattern like style and awesome makeup choices. Venus likes to do accent eyeshadows and lips with some look to just give that fun sensation. Most of her looks are styles that have a lot of contrast, primary colors and sheer. If she’s ever not colorful in her outfit, be sure her makeup will be.

Slick Woods- The Fashion Model and Influencer Slick Woods is the definition of a rebel. Woods combines sets and colors you wouldn’t think of pairing and makes them work. Woods has done everything from blonde to green hair. From dressing sexy to boyish the next day, Woods has the entire fashion industry under control and is most of today’s fashion critic’s favorite new model.

Vashtie- Most may know her as the Downtown Sweetheart or Rapper and Musician Pharrell’s ex, but Vashtie is an influencer of many things especially in fashion and hip-hop. Vashtie is a DJ, Creative Director, Marketing Expert and more. Her style reflects a lot of throw-back 90’s and NYC street style. She is considered a mogul in many fields but in the world of fashion, it’s safe to say she’s a pioneer. 

For more information on these ladies’ contact Delaney at or dm or message @Delannii on Instagram.

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