Teen Brain Spark 2021

Data News Staff Edited Report On Saturday, July 24, 2021, BrainStorm Educational Services will be hosting Teen Brain Spark 2021. This event is being held at Alice Harte Charter School, 5300 Berkley Avenue in Algiers. […]


A Champion’s Journey

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief To Be Your B-E-S-T In 2006 there was a film called Akeelah and the Bee, staring Laurence Fishburne, Angela Basset and Keke Palmer, who plays Akeelah a young girl who participates in […]

Data Zone

The Evolution of the Bikini

Tracee Dundas Founder, New Orleans Fashion Week Throughout history numerous circumstances have dictated society’s fashion landscape, causing people to pause and take note. Such as the case in the 1940’s, as World War II forced […]


This is America 2021

Edwin Buggage Editor-in-Chief The American Paradox Today as we have just celebrated the 4th of July and Juneteenth, that’s just become a national holiday, but we must ask ourselves where we are in our mission […]