A Motherless Daughter: Celebrating Mother’s Day

DIONNE CHARACTER Female Empowerment Columnist

My mother never said she loved me, she never gave me a hug and she never mentioned being proud as a Parent. None of these things stopped me from becoming the woman I am today.

Raised by my grandmother, my aunt, the church ladies, my best friend’s mom, the neighbor in the next block, my village grew stronger and stronger, leaving me to believe that all things were possible when you’re surrounded by so many badass sistas, who could bring a force to be reckoned with to the dinner table. These women were like biological mothers as they all loved me the same.

Even though this may be a hard time for you to think about your loved ones, you should remember all the good times, remember the secrets shared, remember the little things for they will be with you always. Don’t let the loss of your mother or sister become the death of your happiness. Share what they gave you with another sister and let their love grow. Let go of the hurt and dwell in the laughs.

Mothers are special and kind. They’ve won wars and will fight on your behalf because a mother represents the highest level of love and while that may be a hard job for some, there is always another woman who can help support the need for nurturing.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us recall those strong women in our lives who continue to support the roles of those who helped us become phenomenal women. Let us celebrate our sisters who give us purpose and wisdom alongside those who are great examples of womanhood.

Mothers are the lesson plans to the universe. We should enjoy them as they raise strong women around the world who can love all children, no matter the mother, because there are far too many women for you to ever feel like a motherless daughter as you continue to grow in your magnificence.

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