Anthony Bean Community Theater Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

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ABCT It’s More than a Theater…It’s Culture!

It’s been 50 years since Anthony Bean first emerged on the theater scene forming the Ethiopian Theater with his brother, the late Jomo Kenyatta Bean. Its goal was to make a positive and relevant African American theater, and to inspire the youth and the community. Bean’s talent as a director, teacher and actor continues as his namesake “The Anthony Bean Community Theater” (ABCT) has for over two decades produced award-winning plays, trained many young actors, and most importantly, uplifted the community.

When describing the theater Bean says, “It is more than a training ground for the arts; it is a safe and nurturing environment where the community is stressed, friendship is valued, and personal growth is celebrated.”

ABCT Summer Camp…Inspiring the Next Generation

Bean’s summer camp is a place where young people are nurtured and supported to be their best selves. This is something he’s always placed front-and-center since being involved in theater. “I feel theater in general and ABCT in particular is the ideal place for children to learn about the arts and develop creative skills to discover more about themselves and their world,” says Bean.

This year’s camp will consist of the following:

ABCT Summer Camp will help children 7 – 17 expand their cultural boundaries and outlook.

ABCT Summer Camp is a full-day theater experience; breakfast and lunch are on-site. Your child will enjoy six weeks of special art activities and high-quality, firsthand workshops, including: theatre – playwriting, performance, production, costuming, lighting, and set building.
Each Friday the camp will stage a talent show/performance where your child will display their creativity and imagination.
Art that Matters: Changing the Narrative and Empowering the Community
Additionally, ABCT Summer Camp’s primary objectives are to instruct each child in teamwork, civic service, and cultural values. “These are truly important times in the lives of our children. Where some believe much of the negative portrayals of them in the mainstream media, is not or has ever been my experience. I believe all children have the potential for excellence and high achievement in whatever they pursue,” Bean says with passion ringing from his voice.

Bean continues, “It is up to us to change the narrative about who we are as a community. Of course, it will take a more intentional commitment from all those in our community to nurture and support our young people as they aspire to their greatness. This is what I have done for my 50 years in theater. I started as a young man working with my peers and now, I am working to water our young people for growth, to become their best selves on and off the stage.”

Reflecting on his half century in the arts Bean says, “It just seems like yesterday that I started this great journey, and today I would like to say that this is an honor to continue to serve as an inspiration to my community. But it is not only about me, it is a celebration of all those who have selflessly contributed over the years to the theater. It is truly about all of us being the best that we can be as a community. For this is the only way we will make things better in the City of New Orleans, not just for the African American community, but for all. This is what my mission has been and continues to be, and that is to make a positive impact on the city I love.

Flat Rate: The cost of the 6-week session is $600. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tuition covers all materials (Travel cost, admissions, and daily breakfast and lunch.)

Transportation to and from ABCT is not available.

We accept cash, money order, Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Cash App at $

Call: (504) 862-PLAY (7529) for an appointment time for an audition/application.

Returning campers must call to confirm availability.

ABCT 6-Week Summer Camp is held this summer at Southern University at New Orleans, 6400 Press Dr. New Orleans, LA 70126

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