Black Votes Matter

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Our Hands Can Shape History
It is a crucial time in our history, and it is important that we all get to the polls to let our voices be heard. Saturday, July 11, 2020 there is an election and we need to turn out in high numbers to send a signal that our votes matter.

There are races on the ballot that includes; the Democratic and Republican Party Presidential Nominee Race; Judge of First City Court Section B; District races for the Democratic State Central Committee and District races for The Democratic Parish Executive Committee.

We as the People’s Paper always encourage our citizens to get out and vote, but this time is more critical to our future and more importantly our survival. We hear the cries of “Black Lives Matter” and this is a rallying cry for us at the polls to show our collective strength and that we will not let this president or any of the defenders of a racist past turn back the hands of time on our forward progress.

This President and for those who defend monuments claiming “our heritage is being threatened” are not patriots but traitors to this country, who desire a past where we as Black people were at the margins of society without a voice.
Today that is not the case and we can have our voices heard and let our hands shape policy by going to the polls and vote.

Make Voting Great Again: All Elections Matter
While all elections are important this is our dress rehearsal for November, where the stakes are extremely high. Ask yourself these questions: if you are not registered now get registered; if you are find people who are not and get them registered; go to the polls as families and friends as neighborhoods and “Make Voting Great Again.” Because we can no longer afford to vote in low numbers when in this nation in 2020, we are discussing Confederate Monuments, Police and some White citizens deciding they would employ lynch mob justice to our fellow brothers and sisters. We cannot sit idly by and all this to happen on our watch.

Get Involved in Making the Community Better
This has to stop and with us going to the polls we can collectively make an impact. Also, by filling out Census Forms and being civically engaged we can make a difference. This is important because we have seen in the last three years, what can happen if we don’t vote. We cannot afford not to go to the polls. It is our freedom, liberty, justice, and future in this country that is at stake, so we must vote in all local, state, and national elections.

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