Broken Girls Are Strong Women

Dionne Character Female Empowerment Columnist

Sometimes, we put people on a pedestal so high that they could never live up to the things we think they can accomplish when they fall and crack our souls. Perhaps that person should have been gently placed on the coffee table and not atop of the fridge because the responsibility you had for them was too grand for them to ever live up to and now, you feel broken because you didn’t get all that you wanted from one human being.

In spite of it all, broken girls don’t have to become broken women. It’s time to let the broken-hearted inner child in you go because she is a grown woman who has proven to be the strongest person you’ll ever know. Every broken girl may not make it, but for those of us who do, we have to maintain our gratefulness for the mini blessings in becoming a brilliant being, someone who made it in the midst of it all. You are able and you are strong!

Girl, act like your ransom has been paid and you are free! Let the little girl in you live and forgive those who tried to hold her down and so far back you never thought you would’ve made it, but you did. For those who have been battered, shamed, and oppressed, let the little girl who has been disappointed and hurt go because she is going to be okay. She made it another day!

It’s a new season and with all the changes we’ve all gone through, women are survivors. There is so much joy in life when you live it for today and not yesterday, staying in the moment of things. Honey, you are a queen on your own throne. Take those memories of your childhood and use them as ammunition.

You are not broken. You are strong. You are a capable grown woman full of surprises.

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