Data Strut Award Winner Feature: Taylor Fields

By Delaney George

Data News Weekly’s 2nd Data Strut Award winner for the 2018 year was announced at Xavier University’s Spring Fashion Show. Miss Taylor Fields showed the most grace, poise, and style on the runway while modeling in multiple lines in the show. As a new comer in the modeling world, the 21-year-old California native was honored to have received the Data Strut Award.

“It was such a surprise, I just went out there with the utmost confidence and I guess it showed” said Fields.

Field’s interest in the modeling world began when she discovered modeling pictures of her mom. Her mother having given Fields the inspiration to start, provided Taylor the motivation to study the craft of modeling shown in programs like Next Top Model.

“I love shows about fashion, and I love how fashion lets you really express yourself. Your walk on the runway really can make your personality shine through, it’s so expressive!” said Fields.

Fields went on to mention greats in the modeling industry such as Naomi Campbell, saying she tries to embody professionals like her on the runway.

“Any model making an impact in fashion really inspires me. Being on the runway or on the camera can sometimes make me nervous, especially pictures, but after I practice and see the reaction from the crowd I tell myself, ‘ok ok I got this’” said Fields.

When Taylor isn’t on the runway, she is catering to the things most important to her. Fields enjoys time with family, friends, drawing, and photography. Fields prides herself in helping and inspiring others in any way she can.

“My family is the reason I do everything, I love them so much and I love to surround myself with those who truly support me” said Fields.

Fields is currently a rising senior at Xavier University of Louisiana majoring in Psychology with an Art minor. The studious model is driven by balancing her personal and professional goals in life.

“After graduation I plan to work within the Criminal Justice System in prisons and with inmates. I would also love to use my Art minor as a therapy outlet” said Fields.

In the future Fields intends on doing more fashion shows and photoshoots. Fields hopes to gain more knowledge on Fashion and land more gigs outside of her school network.

For more information on Fields visit and browse our gallery for more shots of our 2nd Data Strut Award winner.

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