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Three Ways to Capture the Perfect Photo

Have you said to yourself, “I want pictures done,” or “I wish I could do a photoshoot in this,” before? Many people find themselves wanting professional shots taken in this day and age. Whether it be a headshot for a LinkedIn account, a shoot to boost your confidence, or just a high-quality shot to post on Instagram, photos have become one of the most important elements in the social world.

With these three tips, your photoshoot is sure to look like the next fashion magazine cover.

The Mechanics:

A camera is only as good as it’s photographer and choosing a great photographer for your shoot is vital for its success. Photographer tend to have vast variations of styles and you should always consider the shot you are trying to portray before choosing. Makeup artist, stylist and hair stylists should be given the same consideration.

The Look:

No matter the shoot’s purpose, putting your best foot forward is always key. In the business world look your sharpest, in the fashion world look your fiercest—while genuinely being yourself. The look can make or break the shoot because it also portrays a message and has the power to control a photo. Your shot will either draw people in for creativity or clash, so always choose your aesthetics wisely.

The Expressions:

Prepare yourself for the shoot by practicing facial expressions in the mirror. Based on the occasion, your expression is the first thing people will notice. What’s the mood of the photo? Are you angry? Eager? Inviting? Your expression is the bulk of the story of the photo.

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