Fashion Science: Styling Criteria 101

Fashion isn’t all about the clothing as much as it’s about the person. Your skin tone, your hair, your features all create the look you want. You wouldn’t wear green if it wasn’t a complimenting color, or baggy pants that don’t show off your fit body. So, being precise in every detail of a look is “Fashion Science”.
African-Americans naturally have dark undertones. These tones are red, purples, and any pigmented shade of red. It is common for Black women to steer from the red color outfits and looks however with such a large variation in skin tones, Black women can pull off almost any look. We should also always keep in mind contrast. Darker women with bright colors such as a yellow lipstick or dress will add emphasis to her skin. Lighter women in dark clothing or makeup will make their skin glow over the dark aspects. Knowing your tone will save you a lot of shopping and closet rummaging.
Knowing your body and knowing your fabrics can take you a long way in the fashion world. We all come in many different shapes and sizes so sometimes spandex may be best for someone else and silk may be best for you. First you must ask yourself, what trait do you want to emphasize? What part of your look deserves the spotlight? Do your best to show it off through fabric, makeup, hair jewels, even shoes.
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